Sport at Stolby

Stolbists are true fans of "Stolby". They are united by love of nature and careful attitude towards it, passion for adventures on the rock — climbing without belay, and of course, strong friendly relationships. “Sport” comes from English and it is a short form from the original “disport” which means to have fun, take pleasure.

Top list 8 of kinds of sport

Bouldering - from the English "boulder" (rock), boldering - climbing boulders. Climbing short, but extremely difficult routes. A beautiful and spectacular sport. If you see a person walking along Stolby with a “crashpad” – a bouldering mat, you know - this is a bouldering climber.
Difficulty is a discipline in sport rock climbing in which a climber, using belay , must reach a certain point recognized as the finish.
Skyrunning - high-speed climbing, high-altitude steep slope running at 2000 m above sea level and higher. Technically, only trailrunning can exist at Stolby, not skyrunning. Nevertheless, lots of famous athletes train at Stolby.
Traditional rock climbing or trad, which is closer to mountaineering most, where a sportsman climbs a rock using his own protection points. Routes can be very long, and their complexity is higher than in classical mountaineering. A very dangerous sport in which a success depends on the ability to work with climbing equipment.
Trailrunning – from English “running along the trail”. In Europe, it is considered as an ultralight hike, due to the fact that an athlete goes through a day trip within a few hours and with limited equipment and provisions.
Hiking - from English "to hike" — to walk. This is a walk in the forest or mountains along organized marked trails. In the realities of the national park, these are short walks with a small backpack.
Frisolo - free solo climbing. Climbing, in which an athlete (a person who has learned Zen) climbs a rock alone, without a rope and belay equipment. It requires maximum concentration, psychological and physical training.
Mountaineering is a sport in which a mountaineer or a group of mountaineers use the technique of free climbing or protection points and climbing equipment which is any of a variety of devices employed to reduce risk and protect others while climbing rock and ice. The goal is to reach the top.