Philosophy and mentality

Stolbists are true fans of "Stolby". They are united by love of nature and careful attitude towards it, passion for adventures on the rock — climbing without belay, and of course, strong friendly relationships. Stolbism is not a sport in its purest form, although it is closely related to rock climbing, it is a lifestyle!

“Stolbism” is a unique Krasnoyarsk a phenomenon that emerged in 1851, transforming over time, but not losing its spirit. Rock climbing and mountaineering here originated from “stolbism” in Krasnoyarsk. Later rock climbing has moved into climbing walls, mountaineering is now in the great mountains, and belay-free climbing is prohibited there. But “stolbism” continues to exist.

In this close community, everyone knows each other, there are their own traditions, customs, beliefs and rules. Legendary personalities and stories are word of mouth through generations here. There is their own, stolbists` folklore.

Here, in the wild, there is no anger and pride, here, meeting people on the distant trails, you greet them, because being away from the popular paths of the national park you can meet only the most passionate and true lovers of Stolby.

"Krasnoyarsk Pillars" is a national park in the Krasnoyarsk Territory on the northwestern spurs of the Eastern Sayan Mountains, bordering the Central Siberian Plateau.

Submitted to the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a member of the Association of Reserves and National Parks of the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion.

Stolby, despite the increasing need of Krasnoyarsk residents for fresh air and the popularity of this place among tourists, do not lose their charm and attractiveness for the close group of stolbists. It's not about rocks, it's about people. Although modern stolbists differ from previous generations of stolbists by their greater sportiness, they are still attracted by free climbing on the rocks and, most importantly, the unique friendly atmosphere that reigns here.

Stolbists are people who have learned some kind of Zen: for them, everyone at Stolby is a friend who needs help if necessary, and they do it for free; they behave like immortals on a rock - they climb without belay even where it`s unsafe. They are incredibly positive: there is a feeling that nothing bothers them, although every stolbist is an ordinary person who has a family, work, personal problems.

It`s all because Stolby is a place of power for the stolbists` community people and it is their second home.


Stolbism is not just a kind of sport, but the way of life. There aren`t lots of stolbists, there are unlikely to be a thousand. They prefer staying at Stolby and climbing on the rocks to all other types of leisure. It is the passion for free climbing that distinguishes a stolbist from an ordinary lover of Stolby.

Stolbists love Stolby as their small homeland, and find special joy in unity with nature. Hiking, rafting, mountaineering, speleology are popular among them. Craving for extreme activities involves the risk of death. Stolbists fall to death in very rare cases. Rocks are their native element, and they subtly feel the edge of a real risk. There is an invisible contract, an agreement with fate – a full and bright life in exchange for the possibility of a fatal mistake.

Stolbists are positive, life-loving, cheerful, fearless optimists. Their community is held together by strong friendships. Some stolbists companies have existed for more than half a century, they ensure the continuation of traditions. The feeling of belonging to the people of Stolby world is an important characteristic of a stolbist.

Stolby are not just rocks. Stolby are primarily people.


Stolby are not just rocks. Stolby are primarily people. There is a special community here, with its own culture and slang. For a century and a half, lots of tragic and comic events have taken place here. Stories about those events were passed orally, overgrown with details. Songs were composed about them as well. In each of the stories - about Duska's Crack, about a stolbist nicknamed Leopard, about the Abrek war - there is a special free spirit of Stolby. We tried to collect all these stories and save them on our website.